Pretty Little Secret Hints (PLL Theories)
`Since 23/6/12 { } Check out our main website! This blog is run by two sisters who are obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. It's basically all our theories and hints which we have collaborated into one blog. *Pictures and gifs without our url were taken from the internet and all others are screen shots from the actual episodes. 5x13 | How A Stole Christmas | December (date not released yet) *Pretty Little Secret Hints is in no way affiliated with Pretty Little Liars (the show), the cast, the books or anyone to do with Pretty Little Liars. This blog is just a fan site created by two sisters who want to keep PLL fans up-to-date with the show through spoilers, theories and hints. No copyright infringement is intended, and all photos belong to their respective owners; all things posted here are for the fans’ enjoyment, but if you would like something removed from the blog, please contact us at and we will get back to you.
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