Pretty Little Secret Hints (PLL Theories)
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After looking at Episode 3 Promo we couldn’t help notice what was written on the whiteboards. Below are all the important things that have been listed.


  • The police have noted that there was a power play between Spencer and Alison, they have stated that Alison threatened Spencer and Spencer did the same to Alison. We did know that Alison did threatened Spencer a lot.
  • The police believe Spencer has the most to gain from killing Wilden.
  • What does it mean when Wren’s name is written like this - “Dr” Kingston - Does that mean he is not a doctor? 


  • Not much is said about Emily besides the fact that she was in the lighthouse! 


  • It states that Aria would do anything for Spencer. Do the police think that Aria is helping Spencer?
  • Mike is on the board hinting maybe for his return
  • Also there is a line questioning “The other man.” Does this mean the police know about Ezra or is there someone else Aria hasn’t told the girls?


  • The police are thinking that Wilden lied about his car being missing and that Hanna had something to do with it! 
  • Its noted that Hanna was arrested and the record has gone missing - which A blackmailed Hanna with and her Mum found out! 
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