Pretty Little Secret Hints (PLL Theories)
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Andy Reaser (PLL writer) Tweeted during the episode the other day this…

"some numbers I might find significant in the shower scene"

So we landed up re-watching that scene over and over again. We thought it might have had something to do with the shower temperature like in a code or something. Then the error number got us thinking!! 

The error number is 307320 which could mean Season 3, Episode 7, 3 minutes and 20 seconds!!!

After re-watching the above numbers in that episode. We decided to pause it on what exactly was in that scene. IT LOOKS TO APPEAR TO BE NO OTHER THEN CECE DRAKE!! 

Could have Andy just have given away a MAJOR clue that Cece is indeed the person in the red coat? Or a member of the A Team and we are going to find out in the Season 3 finale?!

Or another idea that we have is that in that frame it says the actor that plays Alisons, Sasha Pieterse name. Also Cece is in the frame could it be a connection that…

  • Cece killed Alison
  • Cece helping Alison via both being in the A Team
  • Alison and Cece are sisters?
  • The ideas are endless! x 
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