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In 3x16 when Toby was in the -A Team, he sneaked into Spencer's house opening the door with a tool. In 5x12, when -A sneaked into Mona's house, he/she used a very similar tool like Toby used. Plus, the takes are very similar... If you look in my tumblr I've posted the photos from these scenes. Love your page!!! x

OOo thats a pick up, this maybe the case x

Just an idea you don't have to but it would be really cool if you did some of your favourite theories in videos rather than words? Would be so cool :) xx

Ooo we have never thought about that before. We use to do twitcams but we haven’t done one in a while. Maybe we should do one for the Christmas episode after it airs x

This is not my theory I saw this. What if Ali knowing the whole Bethany thing teamed up with CeCe and lured Bethany to rosewood hence the outfits. & what if Bethany had a twin Sara Harvey.... & she heard that Bethany "escaped" the institution & knowing everything went to go confront mrs D & Was the one who was killed & Bethany is still out there now psychotic & seeks to get the truth & revenge of her dead twin sister.

OMG yes thats a greta idea x

hey, i know this is to early to speculate, but what Ezra says during the x-mas promo....Ezra - "Well i got two ponies but only asked for one". Could this be a twin clue? maybe Aria has a twin! In S04E23 Aria had noticably darker hair & was more emotional than usual and then bam in S04E24 her hair is back to normal. Since they did say Alison was not a twin but you never know with this show lol. Twin -Aria or Alison? or maybe together they are the twins eeeeep lol.

OMG yes yes love love love x

Okay wait I will post the whole theory in one text: One writer says that an unknown person in the christmas episode says "i saw ali kissing santa claus" and then in the sneak peek we se Ezra Fitz wearing a Santa Claus hat!!! In the Books Ali is kissing Noel (Arias Boyfriend in the books) but she makes it look like Noel wanted the Kiss and Ali didn't. She does this to make Aria joining her side. Maybe she does the same thing in the tv show but with Ezra!!!!!!!!!! what do you think about that?

OMG we didn’t know that this happened (we have never read the books) you know what you could be onto something here x

To be one of the only friends she ever had. I also thought that his look outside of the house in the end is sadness, but after considering him the murderer of Mona it could also count as guilt. Sorry for my english by the way. I love your blog xx

You know what you make a very good point x

Because after all Mona is extremely smart and could be capable to ruin everything. I think A was afraid of that and pulled Lucas on his side again. That's why Mona was so shocked when she saw Lucas with that wig-she didn't expect her murderer (tbc)


Hey! After rewatching the last episode again I just came to a new conclusion about who killed Mona. What about Lucas? We know that he was blackmailed by A once, why not again? Maybe A wanted him to befriend her so that he could spy on her?! (tbc)

We shall post your other messages up x

Hey, I'm a big fan I've your blog, I check it everyday, anyway, I've just been re-watching the fAtal finale again and I think the person who enters mona's house could've put on a wig before they got to mona's room, crazy thought but anything's possible!!

Hey naw thank-you sorry that we haven’t been on much lately. Ooo thats a good point! x

So I missed the whole 5th season of pll because my dad deleted them off our TV, is there anywhere else I can watch them?

You can watch them on Project Free Tv x

Do they revealed what is Noel's secret? Alison mentioned that he have secrets in 4x24.

No his secrets haven’t been revealed yet but hopefully we shall find out soon! x

I don't know if someone's pointed this out yet, but I was rewatching PLL today and it was the episode where Aria and Ezra are in his mom's museum and I noticed whenever Ezra was speaking to his mom, the painting that Ali was so afraid of was in the background! Significance?

Yes we have noticed that. We have heard that its due to production costs that they repeat some of the artwork in the show x

In the third season of pll, when spencer is at radley, E. Lamb gives to her Mona's favourite game where there was write above the map to exit from the radley .. If Mona hadn't written the map but Bethany during his stay at Radley? For this was the favorite game of mona, kept it always with her because she wanted to discover the meaning of those signs.

Ooo thats an excellent point that you have made, we never even thought about it like that! x

Sunday, 21 September 2014
What secrets do you think the cast will reveal? #pll #prettylittleliars #prettylittleliarshints #prettylittleliarsseason5 #prettylittleliarsspoilers

What secrets do you think the cast will reveal? #pll #prettylittleliars #prettylittleliarshints #prettylittleliarsseason5 #prettylittleliarsspoilers

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