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Did anyone notice Hanna's hand looking bruised in the first scene outside of Mona's house?

Hey we noticed that too but apparently Ashley Benson (Hanna) burnt herself a couple of months ago when they were filming the summer finale around the same time. Due to them not being able to cover up the burn that had to leave it as if to heal. Therefore we shouldn’t look to much into it.

Check out the images here on lydiaarqent x

Am I the only one who still remembers Holden? He had that stamp on his wrist then he was just gone. Where is he??

Rumour has it he will be back in Season 5B x

Also.. did anyone else notice Mya (Emily's ex girlfriend) in the preview to the cast Halloween "Question & Ask" show special? She's been dead for a pretty long time. Out of alllll the "dead" cast members, why is she still included?

We did notice this maybe she is coming back to talk about her character and Emily being first loves x

My frustration with the show is many people have been killed and there has never been anything resolved relating to the deaths. Garrett, Wilden, Mrs D, Mona, and we're still unsure about Bethany. All I can assume is that the same person is responsible for all maybe and that's why they can't give the killer away for any of them. Garrett died 2 seasons ago and we have nothing on his death!!

Yes tell us about. x

does anyone know what happened to sydney? its like she vanished along with jenna after emily yelled at her

Yeah we have no idea where she is but that Rosewood for you x

Mrs.D was sleeping around too much! We just found out that she was having a affair with Bethany's dad... Didn't she sleep with Spencer's dad too?

Yes she had an affair with Spencer’s father which produced Jason many years ago x

You know who drives a ford? Mona. Mona has Jenna's old mustang what if they took Mona's car

Ooo thats a great thought but the colours aren’t the same with the two cars x

Can't remember who drowned Jenna again?

Shana thought it might have been Cece because Jenna is scared of her but nothing has been confirmed x

At the end of the episode as monas mom was leaving did you notice what she was wearing? a RED COAT!! There are no coincidences on this show!

We did notice that mmmm x

Continued: But this doesn't really work either cause if Ali killed her, how is it supposed to take her body out of the house so fast before the liars came and in the middle of the day all by herself? So maybe Ali wasn't alone or it wasn't her at all

Maybe there was possible two people mmmm x

Continued: But this doesn't explain why would she put on the mask and the wig if she was gonna kill Mona. I mean...only Mona saw the real killer. And once dead she couldn't tell anyone.


When Mona's killer enter her house it was definitely Alison because of her hair and her walk. But then, in Mona's room it doesn't seem like her hair anymore. After some thinking, it just came to me: what if it was still Ali but with a wig and a mask?

OOo thats something we have never thought of before, this maybe the case. We shall post your other parts up x

Hey! When they showed Mona's lifeless body, did you notice the crossed out "A" on Mona's face drawn with her own blood? Creepy.

Yeah we did notice that, indeed creepy x

To me personally it looked like monas body was in the car we saw Paige get out of at Emily's house

Yeah it did but unfortunately  the logos on the cars were different as we posted from PLLbigA on Twitter here x

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