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Mrs Field’s is back! #pll #prettylittleliars #prettylittleliarsseason5 #prettylittleliarshints #prettylittleliarsspoilers

Mrs Field’s is back! #pll #prettylittleliars #prettylittleliarsseason5 #prettylittleliarshints #prettylittleliarsspoilers

Tuesday, 30 September 2014
I think Troian and Keegan know who A is because whenever A is revealed their characters are there or one of them is A.

Ooo yes thats a good point x

i love how the halloween special is filmed in spencers living room! the girls always seem to have their group sleepovers there its cute :)

Yes we were thinking the same thing when we saw it! We cant wait to watch it x



Hey guys! so i was going to your tumblr and saw that keegan allen found out who A was. Wouldnt it be funny that he actually said to us that HE was the A?. Quote: "Found out who THE a- is. Whoa. I'm...speechless". So if you look into it it says: "I'm..." --> (meaning he is A) and then "speechless" --> (meaning he is in fact shocked that he is A). I dont know haha, what do you think? could it be? Love you blog!! <3

Oooo we never thought about it like that, although Toby better have a good reason for either joining the team again or being head A if that is the case! Naw thank-you x

The girl from Ravenswood did die, but became a ghost in the show. No idea what happened to her since it ended.

Ooo okay cool, thank-you for clearing that up with us x

Spencer is A

You never know x

Who is Sarah Harvey? I read a question someone asked u, but I can't remember that character.. 😳

She was mentioned in Season 4 Episode 14 as Hanna thought she might have been in Alisons grave but they worked out that the timeline of Sara going missing was different to Alisons x

See how marlene king says we will be finding out who -A is closer than we think, does she mean uber A or just another A member? xx

We are thinking uber A x

Why do you guys think Ali is such a manipulative lying person? Ouh but don't get me wrong I love her character :3 I just wanna read your thoughts about this- It is maybe because of her parents?

Hey in someway yes we do think so, she can play the victim and the boss so well. Yeah it could have come from her parents. They do say that in most cases children grow up to be like there parents (yes of course that doesnt always happen but in most cases), as our parents ware the ones that influence us and raises us (in most cases). x

Hey!!! I really hope you answer my question, I have asked some before and was hoping for a reply but maybe you could answer this one?? Okay I am re-watching season 1 and on episode 3 (27:04) where spencer is copying Melissa's Russian Revolutionary paper from her computer, there is a picture of Melissa and a blonde (i am assuming is one of her friends) as he screen saver. Do you think this blond fits into the story somewhere? Why would they keep showing her face so much in this scene?

Hey sorry that we haven’t replied to your other message yet, Uni and school have been crazy of late! 

We just had a rewatch of that scene we think that it might just be one of Melissas friends bc we haven’t seen her since. Hope that helps x

i love your tumblr. i love your thoughts aka theories. fav xo

Thank-you so much! x

Ok so remember when the liars got that text from -A day 'Hanna's the winner, so Mona's the loser. Find her before the cops do or they'll think you killed her!' What if that's gonna happen now and the liars are gonna be blamed for the death of MonA VAnderwAAl. OMG

OMG! Thats a great point x

Hey, I absolutely love your blog! I just had a quick question. If I'm right, the cast of PLL will be answering questions from fans. If this makes sense, how can I get them to answer one of my questions? Or at least send my question out to them?

Hey yes its true that the cast and crew will be answering the fans questions. A couple of months ago they posted on the Pretty Little Liars Twitter page about it and you could tweet your questions in. Have a feeling it might be to late now to do it :(

Naw thank-you x

The official picture of the Liars in Christmas Episode at the Ice Ball! Who&#8217;s dress is your favourite? Ours is defs Arias! Great choice @mandiline! #pll #pllchristmas #prettylittleliars #prettylittleliarshints #prettylittleliarsseason5 #prettylittleliarsspoilers #prettylittleliarschristmasepisode

The official picture of the Liars in Christmas Episode at the Ice Ball! Who’s dress is your favourite? Ours is defs Arias! Great choice @mandiline! #pll #pllchristmas #prettylittleliars #prettylittleliarshints #prettylittleliarsseason5 #prettylittleliarsspoilers #prettylittleliarschristmasepisode

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