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We are off to bed now Liars after a eventful PLL day. Hope you enjoyed the episode. We are still heartbroken about Mona. We shall be on tomorrow posting more theories and answering questions! Goodnight x

I don't know about you but when Mona was speaking in the mirror I got the impression that she was talking and looking at Ali in the mirror but then I got confused when she got confused when she thought her mum was coming in

Yeah we were thinking the same but it appears she was talking to her herself then all of a sudden bam A was there x

Did anyone else find Holbrook to be exceptionally creepy during this episode? And his talk with Ali seemed totally unprofessional (more so than the police there usually are). He was also strange about Tanner...where was she?? Maybe Ali charmed him into her corner and he helped frame Spencer and kill Mona.

Creepy yes and a little bit more attractive (haha or was that just us). 

Yes we think that the talk between Alison and Holbrook was a little unprofessional and we have a feeling that they might get together the in the second half of season 5. x

I'm sosososso mad about the whole polygraph thing. They shouldn't have thrown it in the show if a liar can so easily get away/everything is dismissed. It almost makes the whole show invalid. If a polygraph could be used, it would literally solve everything to do with Spencer, and Bethany and Mona. ugh why

Tell us about it, its kinda annoying like they said in the episode once you want to believe something so badly happened you start to think it happened (something along those lines) and thats what Alison has done x

Sorry I had to unfollow you because there were just way too many spoilers about the final episode but I just watched it (AND IT WAS SO INTENSE!) so now I can follow you again haha

Hey thats okay, we completely understand! It was so intense tell us about it! Poor Mona x


Pretty Little Liars || I knew you’d tell him so I asked for his help.

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special - Tuesday, October 21st 

An ABC Family press release from Aug. 8 revealed that, while there won’t be a super-creepy Halloween episode of PLL this year, fans will still get something special from the inhabitants of Rosewood during October. As a part of “13 Nights of Halloween,” ABC Family will air “a one-hour fan appreciation special” to thank PLL’s fans for making it “the most-watched and most-social series.” Fans can currently submit their questions for the cast to the PLL Facebook page or using #PLLHalloween on Twitter with the burning hope that they’ll be answered during the show. (I don’t suggest asking, “Who is ‘A’?” though. Sorry.) Who ever said Marlene King didn’t care about us? 

If “13 Nights” schedule allows for PLL to stick with its Tuesday night schedule, the one-hour special could air on Oct. 21.

Hope that helps and credit to Bustle for the above information! 

Was this episode the season finale? Do you know when the next episode will come? :)

It was the mid season finale. The next actual episode is the Christmas one which will be in December but there is going to be a Halloween episode where the cast and crew answer the fans questions in October x

I WAS LITERALLY SCREAMING AT THE END OF THE EPISODE,I feel bad I was kinda starting to like Mona considering her actions.

Naw yes we wanted to do the same. We have always liked Mona especially from the beginning of the series and seeing her being with her Mum and the way they interacted with each other we were like nawww x

Nobody be sad cause Mona was the only one who slapped Ali and we know Mona put a good fight with all that blood.

Thats a good point, but in the end if it was Alison who killed her or a different A they still won x

I love how there was so many funny cute moments in the first half of the episode then the ending is tearing your heart from your chest omg

Tell us about it! Still heartbroken x

I think Alison DID kill Mona but she might not be the main 'A'.. Mona had evidence against Ali that she had killed Bethany and Ali was influenced into running away by Mona in the first place! Some people are saying that the hair is not right and doesn't match Ali's, but I think as Alison has curled hair in this episode, it wouldn't all fall perfectly anyway so that could explain it! The only person who would benefit from Mona dying and losing all her evidence about who killed Bethany is Alison?

Ooo yes thats an excellent point that you have made x

I recon the hair does look like Ali because of the curled locks and also in the top photo it's totally like hers, doesn't look like a wig. Also it might be her and Cece. Ali looked happy by the end. So many deaths and all because of what a horrible person Alison really is. I feel so bad for Mona, she really was trying to protect herself, Alison is a bully and I could never understand why the girls still wanted to be friends with her after knowing how toxic she is, and how much she lies :(

Yes we totally agree with your whole message! x

If you could, could you list all the blonde characters on the show? Past & Present.
  1. Hanna Marin
  2. Alison DiLaurentis
  3. Alice (Little girl in the Season 3 Halloween episode credited as Alice)
  4. Marion Cavanaugh
  5. Samara Cook
  6. Maggie Cutler
  7. Jessica DiLaurentis
  8. Cece Drake
  9. Kate Randall

Sorry if we have left anyone else off, kinda did it at the top of our heads. Also remember that the A person could have been wearing a wig x

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